Apple’s new iPad has definitely lived up to the rumors. Better camera (5mb), 4G LTE support, and a ‘Retina’ display which basically means at 15 inches you can’t see any dots on the screen, thus making it better quality than your HDTV. It also has an upgraded camera, speech to text functionality and is running a quad core processor – making this truly the first iPad device allowing you to create content rather than just consume it.

Definitely a great product from Apple, blowing the doors off of any other tablet to date. If you have waited to buy an iPad until now, pull the trigger on this one. Same price point as the former two ipads during their initial release ($499 for 16GB model), but allowing you to do so much more, so much better and faster. There are quite a few new features, but these are some of the big imporvements.

My only concern would be with storage. When you start using this for creating content, and taking into account the screen resolution is twice as good as the iPad 2, what sort of file sizes are we going to start seeing. An iPad doesn’t have a way to expand physical storage with an SD Card so you’ll need to rely on the cloud to move files off the device. Which is fine and I would encourage this for a number of reasons, but actual apps may be larger as well and these can’t be stored anywhere else but on the iPad. All things we’ll find out soon enough.

As for me as an iPad 1 owner, I don’t have much reason to upgrade at the current time. It works great for all that I do and unless I chuck it off the side of the building, accidentally of course, I can’t justify the upgrade. Uh, hum… Not yet anyway…