Quick Tip: Trying to install an SSL certificate but not seeing the bar turn green, indicating your site is secure? Use the Developer Tools in Google Chrome to get more information.

Go ahead and open up your Chrome browser and then use one of the keyboard shortcuts below to open the developer tools window. This will bring up a split screen showing you the html of your site. If you click the ‘Console’ tab, you may see an error listed here. If it’s a ‘Mixed Content’ error (which is normally the case if the SSL certificate is properly installed), then one of your .js or .css files or an image being loaded into your site, is being referenced using http:// rather than https://. The Console will indicate which file(s) it is. Fix the URL to point to the https:// protocol and your site should show up locked and green!

Get familiar with the Developer area in Chrome to troubleshoot all sorts of browser issues. Hope this helps!!!

Access DevTools On Windows On Mac
Open Developer Tools F12Ctrl + Shift + I Cmd + Opt + I