Android & iOS Development

11:31 am

Viziblee is now designing Android apps (and coming soon iOS apps). If you have an idea for a new app or want to convert your current web site into a mobile app, we can definitely help! Store data in a database on the phone, control the android music player, utilize the Google Places API to pinpoint the phone’s current location or any number of interactive features.

Here is a link to our most recent app called Pocket Catholic. It is currently on the Google Playstore and has just passed 75,000 downloads! Amen!!!

pocket catholic icon

pc_screen1 pc_screen2 pc_screen3


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Mike Czyz is the founder of Viziblee Different Design. A graduate of Creighton University, Mike has been creating web and graphic design materials since 1998. He has developed a deep passion for all things digital and enjoys helping people stay afloat in the vast and ever changing abyss that is technology.