The best way to filter websites and secure the information that comes into your home from the internet is with a free web service called OpenDNS. OpenDNS allows you to adjust filter levels so you can block certain information you feel is inappropriate for younger viewers. It is easy to set up and is very powerful but as I found out, may need some additional tweaking to get around you ISP.

First you need to set up an account at, follow the instructions for configuring your settings and download their ‘updater software’ which updates the OpenDNS servers in case your IP is dynamic (which is common for most of us). This is where I needed to take an additional step. I had to log into my router and update the Static DNS IP addresses.

I’m running dd-wrt on the router, using a mac, and using Time Warners RoadRunner service for internet. By adding Static IP’s to the router I was able to solve the issue of having 2 IP addresses (one was designated for DNS and the other designated for http). This caused a conflict for the OpenDNS servers but once I modified the router, all was good. Basically just log into your router and look for DHCP settings, specifically the area related to DNS. There should be 4 small boxes separated by dots.  I had three static DNS choices and I filled them in with the numbers below. The first IP is the router address, the second and third are the IP’s of OpenDNS. Hopefully this helps anyone having the same issue 🙂