‘To Plug Or Not To Plug In My Laptop?’ That Is The Question…

The million dollar question when it comes to a laptop’s lithium ion battery is how to make it last as long as possible. It seems every few months a new story breaks on the correct recipe for maintaining your battery’s health. We have tried different methods here and read the research and the conclusion is to leave your laptop plugged in whenever possible. This is consistent with Apple’s website and has been confirmed by a number of engineers.

The old school way of thinking was to keep it cycling; keeping the laptop unplugged and when the battery level falls below 10%, plugging it back in and repeating the cycle. This will actually speed up the degradation of your batteries health. If you are storing your laptop for an extended period of time, charge it to 50% for best results.

To watch Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy, answer this question on his national radio show, click here.