One of the first things I noticed when I started using email on my iPhone and iPad was that there was no way to send an email to a group or people. And although there is no way to officially do this yet in iOS 6, you can create a pretty quick workaround that works pretty well.

First, head to your contacts and create a new contact with any name you choose. I chose ‘The’ for the First Name and ‘Fam’ for the second name because I am creating a group of my family members.

Next, in the first Email field, add all of the emails you want to include, separated by a comma.

Finally, head to your email and test it out. Compose a message and tap on the ‘To:’ field and start typing fam… This will bring up ‘The Fam’ contact and add it to the email. Click send and you will be prompted that this email is invalid due to the strange email address (contains multiple email addresses and commas) and would you like to send it anyway. Just click the ‘Send’ button in the alert and viola! You have just sent your first group email from your iOS device. Pretty handy 🙂

UPDATE: I was recently introduced to a great app from Soluble Apps called MailShot which perfectly addresses the issue of group email on an iOS device. The app is super dynamic, allowing you to create a group, click ‘update’, and that group can now be found in your iOS contact list. Here is a video demonstrating how the app works but basically when you want to send an email, you open the default Mail app, click the blue cross in the ‘To’ field, and you will see your group listed with your other contacts – pretty cool! It worked flawlessly for me and it seems very well supported. There is a free version and a Pro version depending on your needs. Definitely worth a look!