The one thing most people will need when setting up a website is a place to host their site and a relevant domain name. When a designer such as myself builds your site, the site is made up of images and files that are the building block of your site. These elements need to live somewhere on the World Wide Web so that others can find them. That is where a Web Host comes in. You typically pay them a monthly fee for space on a server. The designer will upload your files to the server and now they are basically a website.

You’ll want to also pick a good domain name that is relevant to your business (i.e. or Most Web Hosts also provide a way to register a domain name. Most domains will run you less than $20 per year.

These are the basic steps involved in the process of designing a site. Of course there are details like how the site is built, if it is using a CMS (Content Management System), does it render appropriately on a mobile device, and is it searchable in Google. All things Viziblee can help you understand and implement! Contact us today if there are any questions we can help you answer.