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Helpful Shortcuts for Lion and Mountain Lion

One of the most helpful and time saving tips I can give new computer users is to learn how to use keyboard shortcuts. Mastering even just a few common shortcuts means no more digging through menu’s or right clicking to find the desired function. For instance, if you want to...
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How to edit or save images for a website

When looking at how to format pictures for your website, a general rule of thumb is to save an image at 72 dpi (dots per inch) and upload to your site. Most computer monitors render graphics at 72 dpi so this is adequate. Any larger than this makes the image...
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Hosting and Domain Help

The one thing most people will need when setting up a website is a place to host their site and a relevant domain name. When a designer such as myself builds your site, the site is made up of images and files that are the building block of your site....
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