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How To Preserve Battery Life

‘To Plug Or Not To Plug In My Laptop?’ That Is The Question… The million dollar question when it comes to a laptop’sĀ lithiumĀ ion battery is how to make it last as long as possible. It seems every few months a new story breaks on the correct recipe for maintaining your...
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New iPad release looming

If you head out to the online Apple Store today you may notice a slight temporary change – see attached picture. Why? We are minutes away from the next iPad announcement! Will it be called the iPad 3 or maybe the iPad HD. Either way the consensus is that it...
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iPhone 4s has arrived and is in my hand!

I feel very fortunate to have the new iPhone, the 4s. Siri is amazing and has proved ‘her’ usefulness as filling in as my virtual secretary. Siri can assign appointments, get clients on the phone for me, and send messages all via my voice commands. More research to come…...
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