If you have multiple emails in your Gmail inbox and you want to ‘Mass’ move them to a ‘label’ or ‘folder,’ Google recommends setting up an automatic filter. Well that’s great but here is a quick and easy way I found to do this to my existing messages that only takes a few seconds. It involves four steps which I’ve outlined below with screenshots or you watch the video above.

Step 1: Type ‘from: John Doe’ (or whatever or whomever you want to filter by) into the search at the top of Gmail. This will now bring up a filtered list. You will notice ‘tags’ or ‘labels’ next to the subject.

Step 2: Select the checkboxes next to those messages that have the ‘inbox’ label.

Step 3: Press the label button (see screenshot 1) and either create a new label or choose an existing label. This will add another label to your email. In my example I now have ‘inbox’ and ‘freelance’ (see screenshot 2).

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2
image shows two labels now

Step 4: Now just press the ‘archive’ button (screenshot 3) and the messages that were selected and had ‘inbox’ as one of the labels will be moved from your inbox to that label.

Screenshot 3
image shows inbox label has been removed

Note – If you happen to archive a message that only had one label – labeled ‘inbox,’ don’t worry. You can find those messages using the search bar or by looking in the ‘All Mail’ view.